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Old 10-15-2023, 02:45 PM
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Default Mick Price's (MPrice) Amazing 1966 SS Chevelle!

Hi Bruce,

We just recently finished a complete frame of resto on this original 375 horse 66 Chevelle. It was a rust free body so that made it much easier than most. It came with original pictures of the car, including the engine bay when new. I also have the original sales invoice and loan papers identifying it as an L78. Interior is all original except the carpet.

Name:  tn_1 right front.JPG
Views: 46387
Size:  240.5 KB

Name:  tn_2 right side.jpg
Views: 1199
Size:  265.9 KB

Name:  tn_3 right side.JPG
Views: 1205
Size:  251.3 KB

Name:  tn_4 right rear.JPG
Views: 1199
Size:  250.5 KB

Name:  tn_5 Left side.jpg
Views: 1202
Size:  218.7 KB

Name:  tn_6 engine left.JPG
Views: 1200
Size:  236.9 KB

Name:  tn_6a engine  right.JPG
Views: 1445
Size:  235.4 KB

Name:  tn_7 a alternator.jpg
Views: 1452
Size:  205.4 KB

Name:  tn_8 steering.JPG
Views: 1465
Size:  242.8 KB

Name:  tn_9 tach.jpg
Views: 1476
Size:  231.4 KB

Name:  tn_10 interior front.JPG
Views: 1183
Size:  227.2 KB

Name:  tn_11 interior.JPG
Views: 1210
Size:  246.2 KB

Name:  tn_12 interior back.JPG
Views: 1198
Size:  188.1 KB

Name:  tn_13 right door.JPG
Views: 1192
Size:  251.3 KB

Name:  tn_14 oil pan.jpg
Views: 1191
Size:  197.7 KB

Name:  tn_15 suspension.jpg
Views: 1199
Size:  192.5 KB

Name:  tn_16 linkage.jpg
Views: 1188
Size:  175.6 KB

Name:  tn_17 differential.jpg
Views: 1181
Size:  191.7 KB

Name:  tn_18 differential.jpg
Views: 1194
Size:  181.6 KB

Also here are some pics of the car in its early life at the drag strip.

Name:  tn_1 PICT0010.JPG
Views: 1200
Size:  191.8 KB

Name:  tn_2 66_chevelle.jpg
Views: 1192
Size:  208.2 KB

Name:  tn_3 PICT0009.JPG
Views: 1191
Size:  268.5 KB

Name:  tn_4 PICT0008.JPG
Views: 1199
Size:  190.2 KB

Name:  tn_5 PICT0007.JPG
Views: 1198
Size:  187.5 KB
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