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Default OneStopRestoration's Special Orange 69 Chevelle 300 Deluxe Coupe

This will be just like Rick's other post, where he will share the restoration of his Chevelle

Hello Everyone, Starting out another restoration project I wanted to share. From what I can research this car seems to have passed through the internet and Ebay a few times starting in the 2000s. At this stage in the cars life it’s anyone's guess as to what owner number I am. I can only say that I purchased it from a gentlemen located west of Galesburg IL, back in the 2015 time frame. Shortly after its ebay days it may have bounced around a few times. In the early 2000s I found the car was located and purchased off the Navajo Indian reservation somewhere in the south eastern part of Utah. That’s were my history ends on this particular Chevelle.

This 69 SS is a common fan favorite Monaco Orange car as indicated by the body tags 72 72 designation for body color. That alone is what made me wanna buy it as the color just pops on 69s. The intriguing part that puts some icing on the cake for me is the fact it’s a 300 deluxe sport coupe(no post).

At this time based on what I can learn from the car it still retains its original 331 CF posi rear as all casting and build dates fall right in line with the cars build. Car came with the 752 black interior. Car was an original manual transmission and either the L34 or L35. Car does still retain both a supply and return fuel line so any l78 lineage is out of the question.

Upon getting the car I made sure to check the gas tank and rear seats for any documentation that could help nail down the cars roots. I was successful in finding the original Baltimore punch card attached to the rear seat springs. Its too bad no one knows how to decode these.To be blunt this car has had a rough life. Its gonna need some serious help on the drivers side is it has some history of damage up high in the cowl area, and up high in the rear quarter. Rust wise the car is really in very nice shape. Not perfect but a really solid clean car to start with. At this time I have acquired two new NOS quarters, and outer wheel housings. As I get into the restoration it will remain to be seen how much I will need to change.

I enjoy seeing all the original paint markings and other items that the factory placed on these cars. The one cool thing that draws your attention in the engine bay is the clear as day marking on the firewall behind the engine that shows “SPCL” and “ORANGE” one on top of the other.

Now the fun part. When I bought the car my intent was a full restoration back to an original 350 or 325Hp 396. When you really get into this hobby you just seem to acquire certain items over the years. By luck I acquired an original 3 core BO tagged Harrison radiator. At about the same time I also acquired an original mostly complete 396 L78 motor from a 69 Kansas City Chevelle.

I'm gonna keep the original 331 posi, backed with a M20 dated for a 69 I had laying around and top off the full restoration with an original set of L89 Aluminum heads. Looking forward to this one hope everyone enjoys.


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