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Originally Posted by JM1972Nova View Post
I'll get pictures this weekend when I get back out to the shop. I appreciate the comments. Yeah he swears he won't sell it and that was suppose to comfort me. And thanks for not bashing me into the ground. I was really nervous about posting the question about it but knew that this was the best place after Cruising the forums.
Been through this friends thing a number of time in business.

Best advice with my machining business from my customer/friend:

"DON'T work for car guys, THERE CHEAP! Most are DIY types that work on cars and don't SEE the value/time it takes to really make a part".

Now over the years, I DID work on car guys stuff, but that was with an open cheque book when they wanted some special or made better.

Now with the cars part of it, I told friends that "I want X for it. BUT if you want it you GIVE me X, and if you keep it, work on it and not try to just flip it, I will give back Y amount" The Y amount was usually 10% up to $1,000.

I also know people who WILL NEVER sell or work for friends just for the same reasons.
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