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Old 10-19-2022, 01:17 AM
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Default 1969 black 375 M22 4:10 cowl hood

Congratulation to Doug Perry! After a year of negotiation my buddy was able to purchase an amazing car; 1969 SS, equipped with a 375 hp 396, M22, 4:10 and a cowl hood.

It gets better;
the one owner car is still rolling on it’s original tires, with black XT wheels, original paint, original interior with a delete radio, original engine that has never been removed, original smog, original exhaust and original shocks!

Wait it gets even better;
the car has its original POP, window sticker, build sheet (very few have been found on Norwood built cars), and invoice. The invoice shows the car was ordered with a delete heater. Unfortunately in 1969 the heater became mandatory.

If that is not enough, the car has its original 10 day 1969 dealership tag!

Doug has some amazing cars, this is another special car that fits very well in his collection.

The car will be shown for the first time at MCACN in Steve Shauger’s Vintage Certification display.

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Can’t wait to see that car! Thanks for sharing!,
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Old 10-19-2022, 02:22 AM
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Wow this sounds like a gem!!

Ryan W31

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This car is one of those special cars that you here about but are rarely found. Well this car will be Vintage Certified at MCACN show in November. We are very excited to have this special car attend. The original owner had the car until a month or so ago when Doug took possession. The owner was a fanatic about preserving the car and it shows.... Congratulations Doug!!!!
Steve Shauger
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Congratulations, Doug. I'm looking forward to checking it out at MCACN.
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Congrats Doug!
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Get your camera phones and note pads ready fellas this one will teach you a few things about 1969 Norwood Camaro production. I had the opportunity to see the car in person (including all the cars original factory and dealer paperwork ) you guys are in for a treat. The car has a documented 9500 original miles and it shows. It will most definitely be used in the future as a reference for how 69 Camaros were built in Norwood. Look forward to seeing the car again in Chicago.
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Can’t wait to see this car at MCACN!!
Dave Dykstra
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This cars history and journey started way before I came along. My job is to honor the original owner...his wife and the car. It is a treat to be able to share it with others and get better acquainted with Norwood’s assembly processes. I am surrounded by good people as we all are. Thank you to Paul Laurenzi (Hugger SS) for introducing me to the owner almost a year ago. Special thanks to Amy, Frank, Matt, Matt, Austin and Ely. Affectionately we will call the car “Black Betty” . Safe Travels .

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Wow!! Can't wait to see this car.
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