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Old 09-08-2022, 05:13 PM
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Default Tow Rig

love the way this Duramax Denali pulls the trailer
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Those Duramax's are torque monsters and I'd like one for distance hauling to pull the trailers, but otherwise, I have no need/want for a 2500/3500 truck.
For local stuff, I still have my roll back and trailer.
1970 Chevelle SS
1966 Chevelle SS
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2000 FXSTS, original owner, 12k miles
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2005 Duramax LLY. I bought this truck in 2018 for my new daily driver and was the best investment I've ever made. I was very lucky to find this truck, as it only had 88,000 miles on it when I bought it, it had never been modified and it was optioned exactly like I wanted. It's a great truck, super comfortable and has allowed me to whatever I've needed in terms of moving vehicles over the years. Low maintenance costs, no truck payment....just put fuel in it, pay the insurance and drive it. I'm happy with that. No truck payment = muscle car money, haha!
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Camaro, 'Cuda, Super Bee, Blazer and some trucks
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Posting again since I've made some progress on my trailer restoration project.

contemplating next insulation and ceiling & wall panels.
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The tower and the Towed
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1971 W30 convert, triple green,second owner.
1971 W30 Convert, special order Rally red, under resto.
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Just a quick follow-up if anyone's interested;

I got the 572 for Yeti on the dyno a week or so back. It did better than I'd expected actually in regards to HP, but due to the fact that I couldn't install the headers the engine needed on the dyno due to space constraints, we wound up leaving quite a bit of low end torque on the table. Past dyno experience assures me the power is indeed there with the correct exhaust, I just don't have a dyno sheet saying so.

I got hung up waiting on a new carb from Holley, so the dyno shop made an initial pull with their dyno mule modified 750 which was WAY too small for this application. It made over 600 lb.ft from 3500-4900 peaking at 630 @ 4300 and 563 HP @ 5000 when the pull was stopped.

I finally got the new Holley in, plus I pulled the 1000HP I built for the 496 in my Chevelle and took it with me to the dyno. With nothing more than the swap to my 1000HP, power increased dramatically everywhere. The #'s from that pull are shown below. The 1000HP was running pretty lean at roughly 14-1 @ WOT, so there was still quite a bit of power to be had there as well.

Next was my new 870 Holley, but it was deep into the 14-1 range at roll-in out of the box, so we aborted the pull and took lunch. I bumped the jetting up 5 sizes all the way around which brought air/fuel ratios down to the mid 13's which was still lean, but safe. We did 2 more pulls experimenting with timing, finding a touch of power dropping timing down from an initial 34°, then 36°, then finally at 32°. Next I removed the 1.8 intake rockers and swapped on some 1.7's which cost a few HP up top but picked up a little power down low, which was the entire focus of this project.

BTW, we tried to tug the engine down into the 2000 RPM range but the dyno couldn't pull it down any lower than 3400 and hold it there.

If you'll notice the "sag" in torque at the hit, that's 100% the result of not having the correct size headers & collectors in place. I am 100% confident with the correct exhaust on it the engine will make 700+ lb.ft. torque--I don't really care about peak HP, but since it's already at nearly 600 @ 5200, that should be ample. I was only anticipating 525-550 HP. The engine only has 8.8-1 compression and all testing was done on 89 octane pump gas, and the engine will idle with a pleasant but mild lope at 750 rpm.

Yeti is currently in the shop getting the howling 4.10 gears removed and replaced with a new set of 3.54 gears and a Lock-Rite differential. Hopefully I'll be able to get the 572 in the truck sooner than later as the existing 454 is running OK but has alarmingly low oil pressure.

That should be enough to be able to haul anything I need to tow.
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just got my new one in. ordered it first part of august. first dually ive had that wasnt a king ranch since 2008. wanted one but they wouldnt accept the order for a limited or king ranch so i ordered this one with lariat ultimate and a few other packages and then ordered a handful of individual options to get it loaded up with all the heat/cool seats, heated steering wheel, enhanced camera, self brake, lane change etc. big screen on the dash, also got the camper special pkg which added a few options. one option i absolutely did not click was the sunroof. the last 3 or 4 duallys i have got sunroofs and everyone of them broke. first trip i got 19.8 mpg. not bad for a big heavy 4wd dually.
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A couple updates to the tow topic. Since my last shot of the Chaparral project I decided to try to clean the interior walls rather than insulate and cover them. Glad I did. I found that some stuff called LA Awesome Cleaner took away the 30 years of racing soot. Tried NAPA Alumabright on the ramp door and that will be good to use inside on the floor when it warms up.
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The next update. Mrs SMS got her dream camper, I put in a B&W Companion system in the gooseneck hitch and we’re goin’ fifth wheelin’. The old dually pulls the camper like a champ.
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I have a 2016 Crew Cab Silverado. It has the 6.2/8-speed with 3.42 gear. It also has the Max Trailering Package…..giving it better rear end gears, extra cooling, 3/4 ton mirrors, better rear springs and shocks. I do have a CAI, a pedal commander along with a basic tune. It runs well…..

Hauling the Chevelle, I get around 12 mpg with my 24’ enclosed trailer at about 68-72mph.

This truck works great for what I do, as I only haul the car a couple time a year. I’m mostly a city slicker….lol

At one point, i did contemplate getting a diesel, but I couldn’t justify the price difference and maintenance for how much I tow.

I hope to keep it for a while as it’s paid for and currently has less than 41,000 miles on it.

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MCACN Day2 Concourse Gold Award

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