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Old 11-28-2022, 10:24 PM
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Default Car values

where is a good place to gauge the value of our cars seems like they are all over the place
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Old 11-28-2022, 11:10 PM
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Hagerty is one option
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Old 11-29-2022, 03:30 PM
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For non supercars, ebay ended and sold auctions.
Rich Pern
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Old 11-29-2022, 09:37 PM
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This is a hot topic for me. LOL

The problem with gauging value is being honest. Honest with yourself. Too many people gauge their cars value based on another car listed or sold price. Whether it’s eBay. BAT or Mecum/BJ and the reality is you have to be willing to accept that your car may not be as VALUABLE as the other guy’s car.

The old, “hell if that car sold for $75,000 mine has to be worth that”…that conversation you have in your head. When in fact… your car may be an automatic and not a 4 speed. Your car may not be frame off restored or original drivetrain. Your car color may be less desirable or maybe you have no formal documentation like build sheet or Protecto Plate?

Too often guys are not willing to be honest with themselves regarding how good their car really is or isn’t.

Lots goes into VALUATION and it’s best left to an expert on your car and your year. I’m not a fan of the “APPRAISER” values. Most of these guys are looking at a mustang on Monday. A Camaro on Wednesday and Dodge of some kind Friday. I don’t put a bunch of stock in these guys. But give me a well respected known expert in the car you own… the year you own. Someone who isn’t over estimating your value because you paid him $1000 and he wants you to be happy LOL.

In the end, it’s not easy. It’s hard to get a true estimate of value, but be careful I say. Do your research and compare apples to apples and make sure the person or company your asking, really knows your type car and be ready to possibly be disappointed when it’s not worth quite as much as you might think.

Now back to Cheryl and a check on traffic!!

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That’s some good food for thought. Being honest with yourself is hard, but you really have to critically look at your car like you’re buying it, not as someone who has loved it and long ago forgiven its weaknesses.

Being an “APPRAISER” for 30 years, I’m gonna have to defend my profession a little. This month I looked at a ‘71 Skylark and a ‘67 RS/SS350 Camaro on Monday, a ‘59 Corvette and ‘69 Camaro on Wednesday, and a ‘69 GT350 and ‘70 SCJ on Thursday (fun week, they’re definitely not all like that). I’m confident looking at all of these cars, but I don’t claim to be the authority on any of them. At this point I have a pretty good feel for reading the market, and if you analyze the comparables, you can usually see value ceilings of some sort. Sometimes they’re obvious (the ‘71 Skylark convertible had five ‘71/‘72 comps with sales at Mecum/Ebay/Bat in the last year that were sold within $1000 of each other-$18k was the value and $20k was the place nobody was willing to go for that model, a non-GS Skylark convert).

There’s a wide range of skills and knowledge in car appraising-it isn’t regulated very much. Many modern appraisers are making a living on late model wrecks, diminished value and the like, and may not know anything about your vintage car. You should interview them and see what they’re about before contracting with them and spending your money.

It is worth seeking out a year and model-specific guru for some cars. When a seller can take $10k-25k of Benchmark/Thoroughbred equipment off of a car without 95% of people being able to tell, you need some skilled eyes to go over it before you write a check. Or to tell you how special and valuable these things are if you’re selling and maybe you’ve just inherited it from someone and don’t really know what you have.

I’ve had some appraisers in my area give stupid, pie in the sky values to people to make them feel good, only to have me have to uncomfortably (with great effort) bring them down to earth when later when they actually needed to sell. I definitely get that. But I think it is naive to think that appraisers who usually charge $300-500 have a tendency or need to “make you happy” but somehow marque specialists who have to get on airplanes, arrange lodging and charge $2500-5000 don’t feel a similar pressure. The last year/model specialist report I saw was almost $3k billed and had an estimated value range of +-$25,000 (!).
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