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Originally Posted by camarojoe View Post
Nice car... 2 questions: is that black painted steering wheel shroud center and black horn buttons original? Would have thought an Impala SS would have a woodgrain shroud. Does the shifter handle not have "Muncie" stamped on the side?

Oh and #3. Is that exhaust original? i was told the tailpipes originally exited right behind the rear wheels on an L72 car, rather than extending to the bumper.
Joe, I had the same questions for Les who bought the car from the cousin in 1985, I also thought it should have the rosewood being it is on the dash and it has the pedal trim. Look at the vintage photo from March 1987, you can clearly see it has the black center & the silver highlighted. The patina & paint on the shroud matches the paint on the wheel perfectly. I do know the 4th owner removed the chrome know & replaced it with the black knob. There is no Muncie on the handle as well as you can see in the pic. In 1987, I have receipts showing the purchase of a new Hurst Competition Plus shifter, the original shifter was removed & I still have it in my possession, they installed the new hurst linkage and cut the muncie handle off and put it on the Hurst linkage.
As for the exhaust, look at the vintage pics from 1987, it clearly shows the rear exit. You will be at Carlisle, come look for yourself.
Also attached are pics from the Sports Dept Brochure
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