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Default Scott Grant's 1998 SVT Cobra!

Hi Bruce

I sold my Buick and was looking for another car. I am always interested in original paint cars. This Cobra was listed on eBay and the seller had zero feedback . The photos and the description said it had been purchased new by the seller in Connecticut. It had the original paint , tires and battery. Stephen Minore , the Olds guy , lives nearby so I hired him to go look at it. He said it looked like a dusty brand new car.

The seller and I arrived at a fair price so I told him I would wire transfer the money the next day. Wire transfer day arrived and he raised the price higher. I told him he had one shot at it and if he tried to raise it again I would walk away from the purchase. Plycar went and got it and delivered it at 6:45 in the morning. I plan on driving it so put new tires and a new battery on it. NOS fuel pump and NOS brake rotors were put on it too. Oh , the mileage is now up to 1945 and it could easily pass for a two year old car.

Thanks Bruce !

Scott Grant
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